thegirls4Silver Star Smokehouse Business Growth

On May 27, 1997 David Alvis opened Country Tavern in Shreveport. He has now been involved in the restaurant business for seventeen years. In August of 2006 he brought his talents to the city of Bossier when he opened Texas Street Tavern, now known as Texas Street Steakhouse, his unique steak and seafood restaurant recognized for its fine dining, yet casual and intimate atmosphere. But this was only the beginning of an empire David continues to expand throughout Bossier City. In December of 2007 Silver Star Smokehouse made its debut shortly followed by the opening of his catering facility, The Venue, in 2008, both of which were located on Benton Road. In November of 2011 David also acquired Kelly’s Place, a seafood restaurant in Haughton. Since 2007 overall sales have increased fivefold.

In April of 2011 David purchased the vacant property and abandoned building located at the corner of I20, I220, and Highway 80. A few months later this became the new location for the famous barbeque served at Silver Star Smokehouse. He transformed what was once a shut down, uninhibited property into a beautifully landscaped, thriving business place, which provided job opportunities galore. While David’s staff was once comprised of only thirty employees he now has about one hundred and fifty. David has continued to acquire the land surrounding Silver Star Smokehouse and currently owns 12 acres. The Stage, believed to be the finest entertainment and concert venue in Louisiana, will soon conclude it’s initial construction. The Stage will open on March first ready to accommodate approximately seven hundred patrons. Of course, plans for further development are already in progress; eventually, The Stage will accommodate events for as many as five thousand.

David’s catering business goes far beyond that of The Venue; this portion of his business has grown exponentially— he is the premier caterer in North Louisiana. In order to better meet the needs of our community David’s team will break ground this Spring within the surrounding acres of Silver Star to begin construction for The Event Center, his new catering facility, which will accommodate around five hundred. Aside from David’s charitable contributions this has become his greatest impact on our community. The incorporation of Silver Star Smokehouse, The Stage, and The Event Center will provide our residents with the ultimate destination in Louisiana, housed right here in Bossier City.


Silver Star Smokehouse Professional Leadership/ Excellence in Field

Building strong relationships with his suppliers, customers, and employees, is of his upmost importance; furthermore, it is a great part of why David is so successful. He has created valuable and meaningful partnerships with his suppliers. These alliances provide a source of comfort for he and his management, as they know their needs will always be met. David’s customers recognize and appreciate the excellent service his restaurants offer. He has come to find that people take possession of his establishments— the differing, yet energized atmospheres that David’s restaurants offer are where his customers repeatedly dine, whether its with their family, or friends from out of town, or for special events and celebrations- the people continue to frequent the places in which they know they will enjoy consistently excellent meals. While most prosperous service based companies understand the importance of putting their customers’ happiness first, much of David’s success is credited to an equivalent understanding of the importance of his employees’ gratification. He takes pride in getting to know his employees and implements on-going efforts to maintain notable relationships with them.

David operates within an industry notoriously known to experience extremely high levels of employee turnover. His professional leadership speaks for itself in regard to not only his ability to maintain loyal customers, but also through his ability to sustain loyal employees. David has employed the same general management for over fourteen years as well as the same head kitchen staff for seventeen years. His wait staff is composed of more temporary employees; however, at any given moment you will easily find servers and bartenders in his restaurants who have been employed for five or more years. David’s restaurants provide beneficial places of employment for many young adults throughout their collegiate studies— he has found himself employing servers who are primarily self-supporting college students. The scheduling flexibility David provides for these employees cannot be met, and he loves to brag on the achievements his employees earn throughout their time spent working for him. He deserves some of the credit himself– he is more than an employer. David is a mentor and he leads by example as he is continuously proving that hard work pays off; furthermore, he teaches his employees the importance of confidence. Confidence is key and his employees know they provide the best service you can find in the restaurant industry. The influential impact David has on his employees stays with them throughout their future endeavors. He instills character traits that will continue to shine within his past employees throughout our community for years to come.


Community Involvement/ Impact on the Community

David’s combined businesses yield abundant benefits— all of which are reaped in the surrounding community. He takes pride in his companies being locally owned and headquartered, resulting in local property and sales tax contributions and local job creation.   There is nobody who strives to supply more growth within our community as David does. He honors an open door policy— David receives countless inquiries for donations and sponsorships of which he does his best to fulfill— he is always happily willing to give back to our community. David and his management continue to build strong relationships bound by his enduring willingness to provide for each and every request. Among the said relationships are those with all local elementary schools, high schools, and colleges, particularly Bossier Parish Community College and Virginia College, various local sports teams, the Ark-La-Tex Sports Foundation, the Independence Bowl, the Cyber Innovation Center, and the Louisiana State Museum. David annually caters various non-profit events such as Taste of Shreveport/Bossier, which benefits Holy Angels, and Boutique de Noel, which benefits the Shreveport Symphony. David participates in Kids’ Café, a joint venture amongst Silver Star Smokehouse, North Louisiana Food Bank, and Volunteers of America in which he provides weekly catering, four days a week, for the after school tutoring program of four hundred Caddo Parish, underprivileged children. He was recently informed that Central Park Elementary Basketball Team didn’t have any uniforms; he purchased new uniforms for the entire team. He also recently reached out and provided post-funeral catering for the loved ones of a local flu victim. These are just two recent examples of the endless ways in which David makes a difference in our neighbors’ lives.

David and his wife Laura also regularly support The Providence House, America Red Cross, the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, Volunteers of America, the North Louisiana Food Bank, and First Methodist Church of Shreveport.


Support for Bossier Chamber of Commerce

David possesses a genuine allegiance to the city of Bossier. He is a long time member of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce and he whole-heartedly supports their mission. And this support is twofold—David greatly appreciates seeing the Bossier Chamber of Commerce members frequenting his restaurants. In the midst of what seems to be a continuous expansion of his own local enterprises he manages to continuously support his peers’ local businesses, striving to promote local economic growth of the upmost ability. In addition to his obvious alignment with the Chamber’s purpose to promote growth and development within our community, he also finds it essential to support any other specific needs of the Chamber. He donates gift certificates for numerous Chamber events and he hosts various Chamber events in which he provides catering to fit their budget. As one would imagine, his award-winning menu is a large part of the attraction to his restaurants; similarly, it sparks attendance for the Chamber’s events he hosts. At least once a day someone asks David, “When are you coming to Shreveport?” His response is that he loves the opportunities Bossier continues to provide- and to put it simply, he loves doing business in Bossier City. David credits The Bossier Chamber of Commerce for the attractive business climate Bossier has to offer.

David arises each morning with the same goal in mind— to implement innovative ways in which to achieve ultimate customer and employee satisfaction. His endless ability to meet this objective and the resulting success continue to have profound effects within our community for which we should all be graciously thankful and appreciative.